The Wedding Place

Tuxedo Rental Tips

When you choose The Wedding Place at Scraps for your tuxedo rental needs we promise to do all we can to make you look great!  For the best results, however, we need your help! Below are a list of things you can do to help us.

  • Schedule your consultation as early in the wedding planning process as possible to allow the highest probability of getting what you want.

  • Out of town Groomsmen should be measured at a participating  Jim’s Formal Wear Retailer. If a JFW retailer is not available a professional tailor, menswear shop or other tuxedo shop is a good alternative (from our experience, Men’s Wearhouse measurements are somehow done differently than other outlets, and often times make it difficult for us to order appropriate items). You might want to download an  Out-of-Town-Groomsmen Measurement Form, or send the link to your out-of-town groomsmen.

  • We will notify you as soon as possible when your tuxedos come in. It is to your advantage to try them on in a timely fashion so that, in the event something does not fit right, we can return it for the proper replacement. Failure to do this in a timely fashion may result in added shipping fees, or may result in the proper item not being available for your wedding day.